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About us

We are an acknowledged shipbuilding and ship repairs leader in the gulf of Guinea.

Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd (CNIC) is dedicated to serving the needs of the Offshore Petroleum and Marine industries operating on the Western Seaboard of Africa from Cape Verde down to Angola.

For a long time, CNIC has distinguished itself as the leading specialist for rig repair/conversions and offshore service vessel repairs in the region.

To succeed in its mission, CNIC draws on the combined strengths of its ideal location, facilities, equipment and personnel expertise to offer quality services to all its offshore and marine clients.

The main services offered include :
  • Surface Treatment and Painting.
  • Steelwork Repairs and Construction.
  • Piping Repairs.
  • Machinery Repairs.
  • Electrical and Electronics Repairs.
  • Flying Squad for Offsite Repairs.

Surface Treatment and Painting

Our hull treatment services span a broad range of activities such as chipping, low and high pressure water washing and gritblasting. These services are available for vessel hulls or internals such as tanks and columns. Painting activities are carried out with modern equipment and under strict control to ensure that even the most sophisticated coatings are applied to manufacturers' specifications.

Surface treatment and painting

Steelwork Repairs and Construction

Steelwork repairs and construction are the principal activities of our shipyard. Our highly experienced personnel are capable of repairing a damaged bow or tank, undertaking a major steel plate renewal on any vessel either afloat or in one of our four floating docks of up to 10,000 Tonnes lifting capacity; building a complete P Tank in a rig or prefabricating and installing an underdeck accommodation module or blister tank to any semi-submersible or jack-up rig.

Steelwork repairs and construction

Piping Repairs

Our piping unit is capable of undertaking any type of pipe repair or installation on your vessel, semi-submersible or jack-up rig. We have experience in repairing and rebuilding cooling water lines, low pressure and high pressure, fresh and sea water lines of all sorts. We have done complex stainless steel piping onboard rigs of all types and complete refurbishment of the piping system for a loading/offloading buoy for a leading petroleum major.

Piping Repairs

Machinery Repairs

Our machinery unit is manned by experienced engineers and technicians. We are capable of overhauling the following :

  • Propellers or Thruster units
  • Main Engines
  • Valves
  • Winches
  • Sea chests
  • Chains and Anchors
  • Dredging equipment
  • Drilling equipment
  • Shale shakers

Machinery Repairs

Electrical and Electronic Repairs

For your electrical or electronics problems aboard your ship, CNIC's E and E Unit is capable of bringing in the experience of numerous successful repairs undertaken in our yard and elsewhere.

We undertake overhauling and maintenance on the following :
  • Electrical motors
  • Generators
  • Control systems
  • Radar
We are also capable of installing new electrical cabling.

Flying Squad for Offsite Repairs

There are times when your rig just cannot leave its oilfield site for repairs at our shipyard. No worries.

Our Flying Squad composed of experienced engineers and technicians are ready to fly at short notice to come to you, bringing along with them necessary equipment to undertake your repairs with the same high quality we offer in our shipyard.

Flying squad for offsite repairs

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Onsight supervision

We always complete the job with a high level of quality as the owner’s representative requested.



We build long-term business relationships through honesty. No hidden costs, no private/ulterior motives, no games.


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We minimize risks utilizing environment and careful planning, safeguards, training and working culture.


Experience &

We have experienced and knowledgeable personnel. That's why We don’t bring me problems, but solutions!



With us customers receive the expected quality workmanship for money spent.


Realistic time

We give realistic, achievable schedules to customers because our shipyard estimators and foreman have experience with their manpower.

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Our customers have disrupted industries, opened new markets, and made countless lives better. We are privileged to work with hundreds of forward-looking companies, including many in the petroleum, shipowning, shipping agent and industrial sectors.