Positioned at the heart of the Gulf of Guinea, CNIC's strategic location enables its marine service to effectively and efficiently satisfy ship owners and operators in this region. With competitive pricing, emphasis on quality work, timely delivery, and its commitment to personnel safety and environmental standards, CNIC has also been able to garner a large international clientele for a wide range of Marine projects.

Some of the repair and rebuilding projects undertaken include :

  • Dry docking and repairs to Offshore Service Vessels(OSVs).
  • Dry docking and repairs to dredgers.
  • Dry docking and repairs to ships and tankers.
  • Dry docking and repairs to patrol boats and frigates.
  • Dry docking and repairs to fishing trawlers and trucks.

Marine activities include:

  • Onsite surveys carried out by CNIC engineers to help the client define the scope of works for repair projects.
  • Project engineering with computer-aided design facilities.
  • Dry docking and repair services for vessels or floating docks of 500 T, 1000 T, 3500 T and 10,000 T lifting capacities.
  • Afloat repair services to vessels, especially those at the Douala Port.
  • Surface treatment and painting of hulls and enclosed spaces on vessels.
  • Repair and rebuilding of pre-existing steel structures to international standard.
  • Rebuilding and repairing all piping systems as well as dredging of pipes to international standards.
  • Installation, overhaul and maintenance works on mechanical and propulsive equipment including propeller polishing.
  • Fabrication and machining of parts for client equipment.
  • Installation of equipment (such as cranes, winches, etc.) on vessels.
  • Maintenance and installation of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Overhaul of sea chests and valves of vessels.
  • Overhaul and maintenance of dredging equipment.
  • Logistics, procurement, and materials management for repair projects.


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